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02.11.2022 14:50
Functions of an online trading company Antworten

The main function of an online trading company is to buy goods from a manufacturer and resell them to retailers and consumers. A subordinate but nonetheless essential task is the delivery of the goods to the customer, since online trading companies usually lack physical infrastructure such as shops, outlets and other points of sale.

In order to buy and sell goods, an online retailer needs to set up a hub for transferring products from manufacturers to customers. In this case, that hub is a website. Just as a physical store needs designers and marketers to arrange and present products in the most advantageous way, a digital store also needs specialists to guide customers through the possible purchase options.

As far as the delivery of goods is concerned, an e-commerce company can either set up the delivery network itself or outsource this task by contracting with a logistics company. The online retailer then hands over his goods to the logistics company, which takes care of the delivery of the goods via its own network.

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